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About Us

Our Mission

Here at The Chattanooga Event Center, our mission is simple. We’re looking to provide a comfortable, accommodating, and aesthetically attractive event space in Chattanooga, TN. By embracing the local culture of our city, we’ve opened our doors to chefs, cooks, bakers, event planners, local businesses and organizations, and private citizens to play a role in building The Chattanooga Event Center into the South’s most desired event venue, ready to handle events of all shapes and sizes.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just an event hall. At The Chattanooga Event Center, we’re helping to build a community. By embracing local cuisine, local businesses, and local citizens, we’re providing a space for celebration built around the same values you find right here in the wonderful city of Chattanooga. We’re not just hosting events. We’re hosting Chattanooga’s events.

Story About US

The Chattanooga Event Center is the conceptualization and realization of a dream to provide a space for local chefs, bakers, and event planners to have the ability to showcase their talents in a real event setting. From our founders down to our everyday employees, we remain endlessly dedicated to providing a local event space that not only embraces social gatherings, but also embraces local cuisine fit to serve even the most luxurious, classy, and fancy weddings.

Our facility can be reserved and rented out for a number of different purposes, including events, weddings, workshops, and seminars. We encourage the citizens of Chattanooga to pay a visit to our space and consider hosting their next event at the South’s premiere event center, located right in the heart of the city of Chattanooga.

Our in-house staff of event professionals help to provide the level of support, hospitality, and luxury that you typically would associate with an event venue. However at The Chattanooga Event Center, our staff remains endlessly dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of all parties involved in an event including the host, the vendors/caterers, and guests.

Aesthetically Attractive
Our Values
The Chattanooga Event Center operates under an established set of values that we believe contributes greatly to our operational approach.

We believe in community

In our minds, community is one of the most important aspects that serves as the foundation of nearly everything we do. We want local food enthusiasts to have a space to showcase their abilities to the rest of their community. Furthermore, we want the local businesses, organizations, and citizens of Chattanooga to have a place where their events can call home.

We believe in honesty

Within everything that we do, we are always sure to be 100% clear and upfront to our clients about our availability, our capabilities, and our limitations. In addition, we will always work with our clients to ensure that all of their demands are thoughtfully considered throughout our communications.

We believe in ourselves

Every single member of The Chattanooga Event Center team truly believes in our abilities to host exceptional events from within our cutting-edge facilities. With every event that we are fortunate enough to host, our staff remains steadfast and dedicated to providing exemplary customer service.

Integrity & Conviction

At The Chattanooga Event Center, we always operate with a level of integrity and conviction typically found amongst the citizens of Chattanooga, and the South as a whole. In everything that we do, we take pride in providing an enjoyable experience not only for our guests and clients, but also for our in-house staff.

We’re fully devoted to ensuring that everyone involved receives the level of support, hospitality, and luxury that they deserve when hosting or working an event. In our industry, we always place customer satisfaction above all else, but here at The Chattanooga Event Center we place caterer, vendor, and employee satisfaction right there next to it.

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